Dungeons & Dragons: Potion of Healing

Dungeons & Dragons 3
D&D Basics: Player’s Handbook, Notebook, Pen, Dice

Y’all. It’s been hard to find time for crafting lately. I’m a full-time mama and working full-time as well. My house almost always looks like a tornado ran through it because something has got to give. So yeah, definitely haven’t been crafty at all lately. Until the other night! =D

Will and I play D&D with friends a few times a month, and it is so much fun. We actually played together in a different group before we started dating and I thought Will was cute and charming, which is why I said yes when he asked me out later that year. 😉

I love creating my characters and role playing various adventures. The game is played with pencil and paper, dice, and a blank map that our DM (dungeon master) draws as we progress and more of our surroundings are revealed.

You really don’t need a lot to play the game but I like making things pretty so I created some cards to represent Potions of Healing – a potion that you can obtain in game to heal your characters HP (hit points or health). And I LOVE how they came out so much!!! ❤

Dungeons & Dragons 4
Potion of Healing

I based the potion bottle off of a bottle I purchased recently because it looked cool, and I based the potion’s appearance on the description found in the Player’s Handbook. For the reverse side, I included the description from the Player’s Handbook as well as the weight of the item and how much it costs because these are all relevant to how I personally play.

I printed it on card stock and used a paper cutting tool I have to make the edges straight and clean. I managed to fit 8 per sheet of card stock and printed 3 sheets.

I haven’t done anything like this in Photoshop before – I usually just edit photos, so I’m pretty proud of this project.

If any D&D players read this, I am thinking about doing more of these… What should I make a card for next? Another potion? A magic item?

p.s. – The dice tray is my first attempt at making those too. 😉

p.p.s. – I’ve had a few people in my D&D Facebook groups express an interest in printing these, so they are now listed on Etsy –> Potion of Healing


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