Don’t Wake the Baby!

This week I discovered that I am that mom. The mom that turns into Hulk when someone wakes up the baby.

Fussy Emmett
He’s so not happy with his day. 😦

Emmett rarely has super bad days but he’s had a few and one of them was Thursday. He fussed and cried and screamed while crying – so not fun. I basically had to hold him in my lap, strap him to my chest in the Baby Bjorn, or feed him all day. I normally am able to feed him while I work – I lay him on the boppy, give him a boob, and keep working – but I actually had to clock out of work to feed him because he was so upset.

He only took a 20 minute micro nap around lunch when normally he takes about an hour around lunch and a couple hours later in the afternoon. Every time I tried to lay him down I got earsplitting screams, and I could not leave him in his crib like that. Self-soothing was not in the cards that day.

So we were both exhausted when he finally passed out late afternoon. I had planned on ordering pizza (because coupon, yes!) and ordered online. In the delivery instructions box I wrote, “Knock – baby sleeping.”

Half an hour later our awful dying doorbell shatters the silence in the house. I was so pissed. And then I was astonished at how pissed I was. I managed to control myself (barely) when I answered the door and not call the delivery guy out for not reading the instructions but I must have had a Look because he totally paused in the middle of his spiel. Either that or my skin was turning green as I grew three times my size. 😉

Do Not Ring Bell sign from this post’s featured image can be found on Etsy!


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