May Update

Agh! It’s been almost three months since I posted again! I feel guilty when I go so long in between updates. Not because I think anyone else really cares but because I want to document what’s going on so that I can go back and remember the wonderful small moments that might otherwise slip away.

So what’s been going on?

Emmett officially rolled over all by himself last week. I’m excited because that’s one more milestone closer to crawling and sitting up. I’m more excited for sitting up than crawling. Sitting up means that I can break out a lot more toys to keep him entertained during the day; crawling means I’ll have to start guarding litter boxes from a curious boy. πŸ™‚

Emmett is also doing really well in his swim lessons. He’s been going since he was eight weeks old, and he’s about five and a half months old now. He doesn’t mind water dripping on his head/face, he’s just starting to kick more when we practice moving in the water, and he’s pretty comfortable doing a back float with me supporting just his head. Emler Swim School offers free weekly swim lessons to babies up to six months (they are the BEST!!). The summer semester starts just after Emmett turns six months, and Will and I decided that swim lessons were definitely worth continuing so we’ve signed Emmett up for the next class. I think I’ll do a separate post all about Emler, our experience, and why we decided it was worth it.

Will and I are really enjoying all of the awesome aspects of parenting and muddling through the less awesome aspects. We love getting to play and snuggle with our sweet little man. I love getting to dress him in his cute little boy outfits every day, and his adorable footie pajamas every night. So. Freaking. Cute! We do not like when he doesn’t feel good and we can’t make him feel better. We definitely do not like having to give him medicine or feed him rice cereal with a spoon (he hates both with a passion). I have high hopes for baby food in a few weeks. I hope once he can try something with more flavor he will be more into eating from a spoon. Any mama’s have tips for transitioning to baby food?

Will just got a PS4 and we’ve been playing Dragon Quest Builders. I like it, it’s a cross between Zelda and Minecraft. You get quests and you get to build your own city. It’s nice for him to have a game in the living room instead of the office, so that I can be working/cooking/etc. while he plays and we still get to talk/hang out together.

We’ve also been playing Dungeons & Dragons at our house with some of our friends. I love that we get to have our friends over to play every couple of weeks. We have a fun time in the game, and I enjoy playing hostess. πŸ˜‰

I took a candle workshop a few weeks ago at W Durable Goods in the 7th Street area of Ft. Worth. I really want to do something more with Southern Studio Home than just a blog that gets updated quarterly. I envision having an online shop where I sell cute accessories and decor for the home that evoke a feeling of nostalgia for Southern hospitality. I think that candles are the perfect product to start with and then grow from there. I want to sell hand poured soy candles that are phthalate-free. I’m currently working on product development with the goal of a fall release. I may be overestimating what I can accomplish in that time frame but I believe you have to set high goals to be successful.

If you were shopping for candles, would you be more likely to buy online (Etsy, Amazon, etc.) or in a local gift/home store?


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