Austin Trip

Will and I got to go to Austin this past weekend for the wedding of his good friend Billy and Billy’s beautiful bride Lauren. We left Emmett with my parents Sunday and most of Monday. It was hard to leave him and I totally missed him Sunday night and Monday morning but it was also really good for us to get away and have a little break.

Brodie Homestead – Image:

The wedding was Sunday night at Brodie Homestead, which is beautiful. We lucked out because Jeremy and Becca, our favorite people from Ft. Worth, were there as well and we got to hang out with them. I didn’t think I would know anybody at the wedding so spending time with them was a fantastic surprise. =)

The ceremony was lovely – meaningful but not long and drawn out. The reception was a blast! We took advantage of the photo booth a couple of times and I got Will to dance with me twice – unheard of!

The next day we intended to leave fairly early and stop at Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco but Will has never really explored Austin, so we decided to hang around and putter about instead.

The first place we went was Anderson’s Coffee. Will loves coffee, and got hooked on their Organic bean after my parents gave him a bag a while back. I have been buying his coffee beans over the phone from Anderson’s and having them shipped to our house, so it was really cool to go into the shop and meet the people that work there and try new coffee. Will did find a new bean and we ended up buying a pound of Guatemalan.

South Congress Cafe Image: Sugar + Salt (

We tried South Congress Cafe for brunch. Will had the crab cakes and I had the Denver omelette – so freaking wonderful! Both came with a potato pancake, which neither one of us had ever heard of. I am nervous about trying new food but it was not bad.

After that we explored Uncommon Objects – a must see if you are on South Congress. And then I showed Will where my grandparents used to live since it is so close to SoCo.

Our last two Austin stops were Half Price Books, because why not? And Tribe Comics and Games. We only bought books for Emmett from Half Price because it’s all about him. Two of them he won’t even be able to read for years but they were too cool to pass up. “A Knight’s City” is a pop up with pop up castles and bridges and the guide has pockets with cool knight stuff. Will found both of those, and I found the Winnie-the-Pooh books. It’s a 5-book box set! At Tribe Comics we perused for a while and ended up buying a dice bag for Will, and we picked out some dice that the guy behind the counter ended up giving us for free.

Half Price Books haul for Emmett!


Will and I have always been great at communicating but lately it feels like we are on different pages because so much has changed since Emmett got here and we are both going full speed all the time. So it was nice to have time alone to hang out with each other and just have fun. I would like to come up with some cheap (or free!) local date ideas that he and I can do once a week or every other week so that we have that time devoted to focusing on each other. Suggestions are always welcome in the comments. =)


2 thoughts on “Austin Trip

  1. Free babysitting and I will even drive one way !
    I think those date nights are a wonderful idea!
    So glad you had fun…
    Sounds like a great trip!


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