Changing Table Makeover, Part 1

Will and I have been very fortunate as we have been preparing for Emmett’s arrival. Our family and friends have kept our growing family in mind and let us know whenever they come across baby furniture or gear that Emmett can use.

One of the most recent additions to the nursery is a great changing table. My sister-in-law’s sweet friend used this table for all three of her kiddos and told me that she had gotten it for free from another mom. So this will be the fifth incarnation for this piece.

It does need a little bit of love. ❤ However, with Emmett coming I am trying to be more frugal with the projects that I take on, so my goal was to see what could be done to fix up the piece on a shoestring budget.

The drawer bottoms all need to be reinforced as they are a bit flimsy and definitely show some wear – what wouldn’t after four kiddos? 😉 And the knobs that came with it did not really go with how I picture Emmett’s finished nursery. So a practical update and a pretty update. ❤


We started with the “pretty update” – big surprise lol. But seriously, the knobs were an easy fix that Will and I took care of last weekend for less than $25, and *hopefully* Will and my dad will reinforce the drawers this coming weekend. 😉

Drawer Knobs: Before and After
Drawer Knobs: Before and After

I started out solo, thinking that this was going to be a snap and I could handle the entire project without Will. I had this idea that I would surprise him when I was done and get all the compliments. 😉

The first thing I did was remove the old helicopter knobs. This was super simple; all I had to do was unscrew each one from the inside of the drawer. What I did not expect was blue paint residue left on the drawer fronts. Ugh. I tried to polish it off with some wood cleaner, and that helped enough that it no longer jumps out at me when I look at the front.


After that I *tried* to install the new knobs only to discover that the screws that came with the knobs were too long. So the knob would not sit flush against the drawer front and instead there was a gap. Really?? 😮

At this point Will came on the scene and fixed the problem. We didn’t have any screws that would work to replace the ones that the knobs came with, so he borrowed the below nifty tool from my dad and cut the screws down to the appropriate size.

Will cutting down a screw. <3
Will cutting down a screw. ❤
I had a tiny pile of metal scraps when he was done! =)
I had a tiny pile of metal scraps when he was done! 🙂

A very subtle change but I love it!

A subtle before and after. <3
A subtle before and after. ❤

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