Long time, No blog

Hey y’all!

It has been much too long since I published a blog post. There were some big changes and this part of my life ended up being put on hold for a while.

One of the big changes was that at the end of 2015 I was offered a new position at the company that I work for. I am now working as sales support for the key account manager that takes care of the company’s biggest account. I can’t even describe how much the confidence in my abilities and the level of trust that my boss has in me both mean to me. My work is appreciated daily and I love knowing that what I do contributes to the company’s bottom line in a big way. Plus I am learning all kinds of new skills in this role that I did not have the opportunity to learn where I was. I was excited for the opportunity when I accepted the position and I am still excited about my job now.

The next big life moment happened earlier this year when my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first child. Eeek!! 😉 We are expecting our son Emmett Skywalker Fuller to arrive around Nov. 20, 2016, and we could not be more excited. ❤

Here's our little man! <3
Here’s our little man! ❤

I will do my best moving forward to post at least weekly. 😉

On that note, have a wonderful evening!!



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