Craft Room: Before

So I love to work on crafty projects, whether it is crochet, knitting, sewing or quilting – I enjoy the creative outlet they all provide.

The only downside to my crafting passion is that I am always cluttering up our house with yarn, fabric, and all of my works in progress.

Southern Studio Home: Craft Room Before 1My husband has given his blessing for me to convert our guest bedroom into my own personal craft haven, and I cannot be more excited! Putting the room together is going to be a process, so I thought I would document the before.

We never have overnight guests so we are going to store the bed. The clutter currently living on top of the bed is mostly craft-related so it will find a new, more organized home as soon as I figure out how I would like to organize everything.

The shelves currently contain Legos (with more stacked on the ground beside them) these are going to move into the office, which I believe will become more of Will’s domain once I’m done in this room.


I know for sure I am going to mount a peg board on the wall for tools and decorative elements. I think I want two tables to make up an “L” shaped work space with one table facing the window because I like the light and view, and the other table would be to the left of the first (you would face it as you walked into the room).

Of course before I can move forward on any of this, the garage has to be cleaned up and organized so that we can store the bed out there…

I foresee a lot of evenings and weekends getting rid of junk that’s in the garage now. At least I can look forward to fall’s cooler weather to keep me company. =)



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