Portrait of a Horse

Donkey and horse off of Westpoint Blvd.
Donkey and horse off of Westpoint Blvd.

Several years ago, I photographed a cowboy on a horse in the Fort Worth Stockyards. My PawPaw loves John Wayne and old western movies, so I developed one print from my favorite negative, framed it, and gave it to him as a gift. He has it hanging in his office.

There is a field near my house where a horse and a donkey live. They seem to be friends and are always together. My MawMaw recently asked me to take a photo of these two together and frame it to go with the other photo in PawPaw’s office.

The road the field is off of gets drivers to a highway on ramp and is too busy during the week for me to pull my car off the road. So I got up early yesterday and trekked out there to grab this photo.

I pulled over and walked across the street, and the donkey was about 100 feet further up the road. I started talking to him and he walked on over – it was the coolest thing. Then his horse friend followed suit and came up allowing me to get the above photo.

Two horses in a field off of Westpoint Blvd.
Two horses in a field off of Westpoint Blvd.

I was going to do a little Photoshop magic to make it black and white to match the picture PawPaw has but I ended up really loving to color version.

Not only did I get these two guys I also got a photo of the gorgeous pair of horses in the field on the other side of the road. I was talking to donkey and his friend the whole time I was taking their photo, and when I turned around to switch my lens out they were standing there listening to me talk. I figured if one horse picture was good then two would be awesome. When I told my MawMaw that I got two photos she was over the moon.

Now all I have to do is find a couple of mats and frames to go with the photo that PawPaw already has. I’m thinking simple and rustic and can’t wait to start looking.

Be well!



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